Bazaruto Archipelago Travel Info, Bazaruto Island

    Bazaruto Archipelago Travel Info, Bazaruto Island

Bazaruto Archipelago Travel Info

Bazaruto Archipelago Travel Info Bazaruto Island

Keep baggage to a minimum. Soft bags work best ­ some people prefer them with built-in wheels.

It's preferable to dress in natural colours (brown, beige, and khaki) and to wear comfortable loose cotton clothing (shorts, trousers, short- or long-sleeved shirts and blouses). Mix-and-match outfits are a good idea, especially if you have luggage and laundry limitations.
Comfortable walking shoes are a must if you are sight-seeing or on a walking safari. Make sure they are well worn in before you leave home, though.

Exposed flesh can lead to your experiencing painful sunburn or irritating insect bites. Remember to pack a light jersey, jacket or windbreaker for early mornings and evenings, which can be surprisingly cool. A lightweight raincoat is worth considering, as well.

Don't forget your hat, sunglasses, high SPF suntan lotion or sun block, freshening-up towelettes and insect repellant, as well as any medication which you take routinely. A small quantity
of laundry detergent could also come in handy. Please note that Mozambique is a malaria area and malarial prophylaxis is essential when travelling to this country. Please consult your doctor before your trip.

Do not drink tap water in rural areas. If you are unsure, bottled water is available, although they are highly priced and sold as a semi-luxury item.

Cosmetics and make-up will not necessarily b
e easily available if you run out. Make sure you have an adequate stock of cleanser, moisturiser, night cream, etc.

Carry your camera, more film than you believe you could ever need, replacement batteries (or, preferably, a charger) and the best quality binoculars you can manage, given financial and weight constraints. Find out what electrical adaptor(s) is (are) needed for the countries that you are planning to visit.

Visit your local pharmacist and put together a travel first-aid kit for minor ailments which have the potential to spoil your holiday. Get advice about appropriate anti-malaria medication for the area you are visiting.

Travel insurance is not a luxury: it's a necessity.

Consider buying a general guide book and a book on animals and birds for the area that you are visiting. A safari experienced within the context of a country and its people is always more rewarding.

Packing a lightweight, collapsible bag in your luggage gives you more flexibility when buying last minute curios or presents before you return home.