DevOcean Resort, Ponta do Ouro

    DevOcean Resort, Ponta do Ouro

DevOcean Resort

DevOcean Resort Ponta do Ouro
DevOcean, Ponto do Ouro, Mozambique

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Destination: Ponta do Ouro

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DevOcean Diving Resort takes the utmost care of comfort of guests who come to have good time, food and companion. Underwater and on the ground, you will feel well accommodated and looked after. DevOcean strives for service excellence and understand both: your diving drive and human needs. Devocean Diving Resort is a small company, catering for a small number of clients at a time. It is a private and almost exclusive resort for people who love diving.

DevOcean offers the best of everything: stunning accommodation, excellent food and experienced skippers and dive masters - a combination to give you an unforgettable diving experience. The resort offers accommodation in luxury tents, rooms or self-catering houses - to let you choose a suitable option for your liking and pocket. Regardless of what your choice is, each accommodation is serviced daily (cleaning and linen - except towels). DevOcean Diving Resort doesn't offer self-catering in the rooms and tented accommodation as we do not have the facilities. We do offer fridge space for drinks.

Property Amenities

There are 10 tents, each one sleeping 2 people.

The rooms are made-up of 2 single and 2 double rooms for a total of 6 people.

There are also 2 self-catering houses - one sleeps 8 and the other 10 people.

Electric fans are installed in each room including tents. Electricity is available from 08h30 to 24h00 - we have 4 independent generators. Hot water is provided.

The resort is keep tidy and all its facilities are maintained on the daily basis.

Area Attractions

DevOcean Diving
There is nobody in Ponta Do Ouro that can compare with us on what we have to offer, from the ablution facilities to catering. Furthermore, you will be diving with people who have 35 years of combined experience of diving in Ponta Do Ouro.

DevOcean Whale Search
Four species of whales in winter on their migrations up and down the coast.

DevOcean Dolphin Search
Dolphins are a common site in our waters.

DevOcean Dive Courses
Open Water Course, Advance Course and Resort Course Day and Night Dives 18 different off-shore coral dive sites varying in depth from 9 to 47 meters.

How to Book

Request a Quote Online or call +27 11 592 9000
(Monday to Friday, 8AM to 17PM, GMT+2)

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