Fishing in Mozambique, Mozambique

    Fishing in Mozambique, Mozambique

Fishing in Mozambique

Fishing in Mozambique Mozambique

Mozambique is a tropical paradise, with white coral beaches and clear blue waters which allows one to relax and enjoy the many of the offered activities. Mozambique’s sunny conditions and stunning beach resorts attract visitors. Endless activites are offered including water sports, and tours to discover the history and culture of Mozambique.  

Those who enjoy fishing will be impressed with Mozambique’s offering of the finest and most beautiful, as well as challenging, game fishing in Southern Africa. Each island offers a different environment depending on what one likes. The Bazaruto area is abundant in large black and striped marlins between October and December. Granders are taken from the deepest waters by boats which are launched from the islands. Sailfish are caught throughout the year but peak season is from April to September.  Other smaller fish such as king and queen mackerel, bonito and travelli are available year round.

Due to the conservation of natural resources, Catch and release of all fishes that will not be eaten that evening is encouraged. Launch sites are carefully designated and vehicle access to beaches is strictly controlled. 

Angling is also popular in game fishing. Anglers come to Mozambique with promises of great fishing and that is what they get and more.  A favorite destination for fly-angler is the stunning island of Benguerra, which is close to Vilanculos and good flight conditions are available form here. 

As well as game fishing, Mozambique offers a great variety of salt water fly fishing; this is from Mozambique’s ideal conditions. Fly fishing is popular on the mainland and from island beaches, a great fishing trip would be on the sandbars produced by the high tidal range.  A great fly fishing destination, Inhaca Island offers a great off shore island-style fly-fishing. It is a short boat ride from Maputo. A Competent fly fisher can on a good day, hook up to 20-30 fishes. And for those who are not yet skilled in the art of fishing, lessons are available; this goes for angling and game fishing. 

Fly fishers will find a great deal of bonefish in the area, especially in the Bazaruto area, which at the moment has a growing reputation for the largest bonefish. Another salt water fishing that is available is spear-fishing, which is excellent. It also provides visitors a look at the amazing look at the sea life that Mozambique has to offer. With spear fishing the amount of fish allowed to be caught is restricted and a license is required.