Horizonte Lodge, Inhambane

    Horizonte Lodge, Inhambane

Horizonte Lodge

Horizonte Lodge Inhambane

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Destination: Inhambane

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A complement to this natural creation of workmanship is the clear blue skies filled with cool breezes. With crystal clear waters, flourishing coral reefs and a host of world-class facilities, this area is one of the Indian Ocean coastline's best-kept secrets. With the golden sunset right outside your doorstep and the gentle murmuring of waves lulling you to sleep, this charming spot is clearly one in a million.

Property Amenities

Horizonte faces the morning sun in the east that turns everything in a moment to shine in a golden and hot tone and borders a planned nature reserve on the west. Horizonte is a place of extraordinary natural beauty where this enormous dune covered in indigenous vegetation extends over pristine white beaches into the hot waters of the Indian ocean.

Area Attractions

You are on holiday and allowed to just relax, swimming and sunbathing in the sun with a cooler box and lots of shade and suntan lotion on the beach.You will need a 4x4 to go down to the beach. Vehicles are allowed to launch boats, canoes and kayaks from the beach. Your vehicle can be parked on the beach, driving on the beaches is not permitted. Quad bikes and motor cycles are not allowed on beaches in Mozambique.

Visit and support the local shop to replenish your daily needs or sip on a drink at one of the available restaurants. For the more active deep sea fishing and scuba diving/snorkeling are the main sports practiced in this area. You can also take a relaxing stroll on the beach or put more effort into a brisk jog.

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