Mozambique Weather and Climate, Mozambique

    Mozambique Weather and Climate, Mozambique

Mozambique Weather and Climate

Mozambique Weather and Climate Mozambique

Deciding when the best months to go to Mozambique can be difficult, so a little information on the general weather year round can be very helpful.

Summer in Mozambique is from October to March, with which rain falls largely between January and March, but the temperatures are high, reaching up into the high 30 degrees Celsius and it is important to remember that is gets very humid in Mozambique which could be uncomfortable to some. But the weather may vary according to area, as it is cooler inland that it is on the coast, and it becomes wetter as the land rises, so in the mountains it is cooler and possibly more rain is expected, averaged at a near 2000mm, which is area including Chinaminami mountain area bordering with Zimbabwe.

The highest temperatures and humidity can generally be found in the area of Pemba, which is the northern part of Mozambique and inland in the Zambezi Valley. 

Best months to visit Mozambique

The cooler dry months April to September are best for the wildlife viewing and excellent weather. November to December is normally best for birding activities.

The southern beaches can be crowded during South African school holidays (Dec, Jan, early April, July, late September) so avoid those periods if you can. 

Please note that someIsland Lodges are closed during February, as this is generally hurricane/cyclone season.

Required Clothing

Tropical lightweights such as light cotton tops and pants, with warmer clothing for evenings. Also to bring lots of sunscreen for those sun-filled days. Nothing worse than getting burnt on your dream holiday. Mosquito repellants are advised at night especially in the wetter season.

Rainwear is advisable all year round.