Hotel Omuhipiti, Ilha de Mozambique

    Hotel Omuhipiti, Ilha de Mozambique

Hotel Omuhipiti

Hotel Omuhipiti Ilha de Mozambique
Hotel Omuhipiti, Illha de Mozambique, Mozambique

Destination: Ilha de Mozambique

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Hotel Omuhipiti is situated on Ilha de Mozambique which is a World Heritage Site situated just off the main land approximately 2000km up the coast from Maputo and 500km from the Tanzanian border.

Previously the country’s capital it was an important trading post for all shipping in the Western Indian Ocean, it attracted merchants from around the globe dealing in gold, spices, ivory and slaves. All the rooms with telephone, air conditioning, sat television, and all the comfort to make you feel right at home.

There is a 4 star restaurant where you can enjoy the typical cuisine of the Island, from a delicious shrimp curry, to a sensational lobster, to many other tasty specialties. Apart from the natural beauty, just a few steps away from the Hotel, you will find masterpieces from different civilizations. Since the beginning of time the good wind brought distant people to the Ilha de Mozambique.

Property Amenities

Hotel Omuhipiti is a modern hotel in the north of the island, with all mod cons: air conditioning, TV, bar, etc.

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