Inhaca Island Travel Info, Inhaca Island

    Inhaca Island Travel Info, Inhaca Island

Inhaca Island Travel Info

Inhaca Island Travel Info Inhaca Island

The island of Inhaca lies about 40 km off the coast of Maputo, about a 10 min flight from Maputo. Like so many of Mozambique's islands, it is a natural paradise of unspoiled forests, grassy plains, breathtaking beaches and coral reefs. A favourite destination for South African divers and snorkellers (particularly at Santa Maria or the lighthouse), Inhaca is easily accessed by ferry or boat trip from Maputo's ferry terminal, or via a short flight from Maputo. 

Inhaca Island has a lot to offer, from boat trips to the nearby Portuguese Island, which is a totally deserted island with magnificent white sandy beaches, and excursions to the Marine Biology Museum or the Inhaca Lighthouse.

There is also a small village to provide some local colour or souvenir hunting. Inhaca Island is a true African Island, and an ideal weekend getaway with great appeal. 

Inhaca's biological station, built in 1951 for research and education, offers accommodation and oversees the administration of the island's diverse marine and terrestrial ecology. Inhaca has four shores that are completely different from one another and offer a variety on scenary depending on what one is looking for: grassy plains in the north, forested sand dunes in the east, and exposed mudflats in the south and west. More than 200 species of birdlife have been recorded on the island. 

Attractions on Inhaca Island

Things to do on Inhaca Island is snorkeling, diving etc. Excursions can be arranged to Portuguese Island, the Biology Station, Light House Beach, the Mangrove swamps, as well as the Santa Maria Wall. Also available are Sunset cruises, Whale Watching excursions, etc.