Mozambique Bush and Beach Holidays, Mozambique

    Mozambique Bush and Beach Holidays, Mozambique

Mozambique Bush and Beach Holidays

Mozambique Bush and Beach Holidays Mozambique

Mozambique has 2800km of coastline and numerous islands ensuring that there is a beach suited to everyone's needs. There are beaches which are easily accessible for fly-in tourists such as those near Inhambane, Vilanculos and Pemba. Beaches on tropical islands are amongst the most idyllic. These island resorts can be easily reached from Vilanculos and Pemba. 

Then there are beaches which are accessible only for those travelling with their own vehicle or on a tailor made tour. These take a little more effort to get to but holiday makers are rewarded with miles of secluded beaches, often empty even of local fishermen. 

The white sand along the Mozambique section of the East African coastline leads into the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. The water temperature rarely drops below 18°C in the south while temperatures of 23°C are considered chilly in the north. 

Many of the beautiful white sandy beaches in Mozambique are shaded from the African sun by tall palms, but take care of falling coconuts! 

Other beaches such as those at Tofo lead straight into the open ocean and are ideal locations for snorkelling and diving trips. 

Many of the lagoons in the south such as the São Martinho lagoon at Bilene have beautiful white sandy beaches some sections of the coastline have fierce currents and undertows so care should be taken, particularly in remote areas where there are few tourist facilities and so less information on the conditions. Remember that there are no lifeguards on these beaches. The ocean beaches at Quissico are a prime example, stick to the beautiful lagoon here for swimming. 

The cooler dry months April to September to benefit from the best wildlife viewing and excellent weather. November to December is normally best for birding activities. Remember for those perfect Mozambique holiday safaris summers are humid to very humid (tropical) in the mid to Northern sections of the country. 

Mozambique has a coastline regarded as a diving, deep sea fishing and snorkelling paradise. The Bazaruto Archipelago is a small group of islands situated approximately 40 kilometres off the Mozambique coast. The diverse ecosystem contained in the archipelago caters for a wide range of interests. The white beaches and protected reefs surrounding the islands make Mozambique a superb holiday destination