Quirimbas Diving and Snorkelling, Quirimbas Archipelago

    Quirimbas Diving and Snorkelling, Quirimbas Archipelago

Quirimbas Diving and Snorkelling

Quirimbas Diving and Snorkelling Quirimbas Archipelago

Situated in the magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago, scuba diving at Matemo is considered as some of the best in the world.

Courses that are available to tourists at Matemo Island Resort are Discover Scuba, Open Water and Advanced Open water, so whether you are a novice or experienced diver, you can experience the magic of scuba diving in the Quirimbas. Qualified instructors conduct all courses in accordance with PADI using PADI-specified materials.  

The majority of our diving is done off the eastern side of Matemo Island. Depending on the weather, all dives depart from the beach; either in front of the main public areas, or in front of the activity center. 

Dives is scheduled with the guests on the day before. All equipment is obtainable at the activity center and guests are advised to arrive at the activity center 20 minutes before the scheduled time to prepare and check equipment. All of the diving is done by boat - Gulfcraft dolphin 31’ - and the dive leaders are all Instructor qualified to maintain the highest standards. We carry emergency DAN O² cylinders on board. It should, however, be mentioned that we don’t dive deeper than 30 meters and people with dive computers will not be allowed to either share their computers with their buddies nor dive their computers into decompression stops. 

• All Dives include all equipment (Scuba Pro)
• All Boats equipped with DAN O2 Packs
• All Guides PADI Instructors 

The Island of Matemo is surrounded by numerous schools of fish and divers are more than likely to see the plentiful coral and marine life that Mozambique has to offer.

Fishing is also available at Matemo Island, done either by boat or from the beach. Fishing by the boat is either a half-day or full day excursion, which includes fuel, a skipper, tackle, bait and a limited amount of cool drinks. Fly fishermen are also welcome.

Please note that fishing is seasonal.