Pemba Travel Info, Pemba

    Pemba Travel Info, Pemba

Pemba Travel Info

Pemba Travel Info Pemba

Tourist development came faster to Pemba, compared to the rest of the Northern Territories, even though access to the area is difficult by road. It is due to the unique tourist qualities found in this stunning natural bay and its gateway access to the 27 islands/islets of the Quirimba Archipelago. 

Pemba is a coastal town at the mouth of a huge bay. It boasts some interesting buildings (especially in Baixa - the old town) and a lively atmosphere. Most visitors come for the beaches - particularly Wimbi Beach (sometimes spelt Wimbe) - and the coral reefs. Wimbi is about 5km (3mi) east of town. 

The reef is close enough to swim to. A fledgling tourist industry is already transforming the place with bars, restaurants, diving, snorkeling, boating, fishing, etc. The Makonde workshop on the road between town and the beach has good wooden carvings for sale at good prices. 

Pemba Bay itself is a fantastic natural harbor and has an active port. 

The land seems to have the highest concentration of Baobab trees we have seen so far they create a brilliant contrast with the turquoise sea.

Most accommodation is found along Wimbe Beach on the outside of Pemba Bay and that is where the tourist action tends to be. 

Diving here is easy, exciting and very, very good. There are three dive operations in Pemba. 

Services: All main National Banks are present in Pemba as well as ATM machines. Nautilus Hotel has an ATM machine at the reception, handy when you've no need to go to town or the queues there are just too long. Good choice of restaurants and bars. 

Diving In Pemba

There are three dive operations in Pemba. One is Pemba Beach Hotel,  which offers diving at its resort. All equipment is available to rent just speak to the reception for details. Pemba Dive is another dive site but it offers other activities such as Kayaking and windsurfing.  The last dive site is C.I. Divers, Pemba Bay.